How do I start uploading data?

How do I start uploading data?

Once logged into the data room follow the below steps to start uploading your data;
  • Navigate to the Documents module
  • Click on the ‘Upload’ Tab

  • A pop up appears where you can directly drag and drop the folders from your machine. Or one can also upload single files at a time by choosing the choose file option while uploading a single file.

  • In case you need to upload files then, create a root folder by clicking on the ‘Create Folder’ Tab, navigate in the folder and click on upload.

  1. Once you drag and drop the folder/ files  in the upload folders section; the page displays the details of the data selected for uploading. You can also delete files if needed.

  1. Click on start, it will ask if you want to notify about the data uploaded the permitted members once it is completed. If you select yes the permitted users will receive notification via email as well as a notification on the dataroom.

  1. After you select one of the options, the data will start to upload. You can track the uploading status in real time. Once the uploading is completed, you will be routed to the upload section again.

NOTE: Only Folders can be dragged and dropped directly in the Documents module on the data room.
For uploading at File-level one has to create a folder first and then start uploading to that folder.

Contact if you need any further assistance.

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