How to create LA admin group and manage it?

How to create LA admin group and manage it?

LA admin is a user who has access to limited modules which are selected by the Admins. LA admin has complete access to the allowed modules only.

To add members as LA admin group; first you need to create an LA admin group by following the below steps;

  • Navigate to the 'Users & Permissions' module on the data room.

  • Click on the option '+ LA Admin group' to create the group.

  • You have the action segments with each created group.

When you click on any of the actions icon you will land on the selected action. 

Further, there are multiple segments to manage the LA admin group.

  • To edit group name: You can make the changes in the group name as and when needed. To apply the changes click save.

  • Manage module Permissions: Here you can choose which modules to enable for the selected LA admin group members. Once done click on apply.
  • The members of the selected group will have access only to the modules enabled.

  • Add new members: You can add members by following the steps below;
  • Enter the First Name, Last Name and the Email id of the member and click on 'Add member' tab.

  • Check the entered input and click on 'Review invite' tab, a dialogue box will appear where you will find a default message that will be sent along with the invitation link. You can further customize messages as per your requirement.

  • Once done, click on the 'Send Invitation' tab.

  • Manage members: Here you can select the Q&A Co-ordinator who will be able to answer the questions submitted (if any) on the documents raised by the end users.
  • You can also resend an invite to an inactive member.
  • Deletion of unwanted members can also be done from here.

The member receives a mail with a one time usable link to accept invitation and create his own unique password.

Once the password is created, he can login from our website

Contact if you need any further assistance.