What is a Data Room?

What is a Data Room?

A Data Room is a simple and secure way to organize documents, people and information.

In each Data Room, administrators invite other members who can securely view, download and print documents, receive updates, get information and collaborate with others.

DocullyVDR uses an intuitive permission system so files and information are only shared with the right people, and the whole process is trackable, so you know who has seen what and when they’ve seen it.

Contact support@docullyvdr.com if you need any further assistance.

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    • How to create a vote and who can create it?

      Locate the Voting module on the data room on the left side of your screen. This module will be accessible to the all the admins, to the LA admins with access to Voting module and to the End user group with the access to the voting module. Votes can ...
    • What is an Update? How to send an update?

      In this module, an admin can create an update and send it to the end-user as well as the LA admin. It can be sent on group level and also to individual member.  It can be used to share important information or to communicate with the team. LA admin ...
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      End user members can be referred to your investors, external team, members with limited access to the dataroom. They have access only to the data permitted to them by the admin. To add members as end users to a group; first you need to create an end ...
    • How do I login to DocullyVDR Data Room?

      To login to your data room, simply visit our website www.docullyvdr.com and click on "Login". The login screen will appear and you will be required to log in using your registered email id and DocullyVDR password to access the data room. ...
    • How do I edit Overview properties of my Data Room?

      To make changes in the Overview properties of your Data Room follow the below steps; On the Overview page, click on the “Settings” tab. A pop up window appears which has options to edit the overview page. You can add a video to your Overview page  ...