What is Q&A? How to use it?

What is Q&A? How to use it?

In the Q&A module; the admin and LA admin with Q&A module access selected as Q&A coordinator will be able to track and reply to the questions submitted by the end users. 

It allows the end users who are appointed as Question submitter to ask questions related to any document and also to track the replies to their questions. 

A dialogue box is available on every accessible document where the submitter can submit a question.

How to use the Q&A feature
For admins:
  • Navigate to the Q&A module. First, the admin needs to create categories from the Q&A module and assign SME’s (Admin/LA admin) from the dataroom.

For End users;

  • They need to open any document accessible to them.
  • At the right side of the page locate the dialogue box where the EU can ask a question with regards to that file.
  • Select category and submit the question.

Contact support@docullyvdr.com if you need any further assistance.

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